Criminal Investigations Division

Lt. David T. Westervelt
Division Commander

The Criminal Investigations Division of the Charlestown Police Department is staffed by three (3) full time sworn police officers.  The division is comprised of one (1) Lieutenant serving in the capacity of Criminal Investigations Division Commander and two (2) Detectives assigned to various work shifts.   All members of the Criminal Investigations Division work administrative schedules designed to maximize the availability of investigative staff during peak hours of agency operation.   Detectives receive specialized training in criminal investigation techniques, evidence collections and processing, interview and interrogation, narcotics investigation and other related fields. 

The Criminal Investigation Division’s primary role is to handle serious or complex cases requiring follow-up procedures beyond the normal capability of the Patrol Operations Division.  The division investigates all major crimes assigned to it including vice, narcotics and juvenile offenses.  In addition to its investigative function, the Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for all adult and juvenile prosecution in each of the regional court systems, the evidence and property handling and storage functions of the agency, management of the department (IT) technology, police records and archives, sex offender registration and background investigations. 

The Criminal Investigations Division works closely with the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office and the Charlestown Town Solicitor(s) in the adjudication of criminal cases.  The Criminal Investigations Division Lieutenant oversees all agency prosecution efforts within the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal, the Rhode Island District and Superior Court, the Rhode Island Family Court, the Charlestown Municipal Court and the Charlestown Juvenile Hearing Board.  In addition the division oversees the records and archives function of the agency with the assistance of one (1) police secretary.  The division handles Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), criminal case discoveries, expungements, fingerprinting, the department’s grant programs, crime scene investigation (BCI) and maintenance of investigative equipment. 

Members of the Criminal Investigations Division are well trained and educated law enforcement professionals ready to provide a high quality of police investigative services to the community.