Civilian Complaints

Pursuant to Rhode Island General Law 31-21.2-8, each Municipal Police Department is required to establish a procedure to investigate complaints of police misconduct by members of the public against personnel of these agencies.

It is the policy of the Charlestown Police Department to provide the public with this venue pursuant to the following criteria:

  1. If you feel that you have need to expresses your dissatisfaction with the actions ofa police officer, that officer shall advise the citizen of his/her name and immediatesupervisor upon request.
  2. If you feel that his/her actions warrant the intervention of the Charlestown PoliceDepartment, you should respond to the Charlestown Police Department and askfor the immediate supervisor of the officer you have the complaint against.
  3. This supervisor will provide you with assistance by hearing your complaint.The supervisor will try to mediate this matter with you in a fashion that isequitable to both you and the officer involved in the complaint.
  4. If the matter can be resolved at this level the matter will be considered closed.
  5. If the matter cannot be resolved at this level, you have the option to request that aformal civilian complaint be filed on the matter and investigated by the Chief ofPolice or his/her designee.
  6. All formal civilian complaints must be provided to the Charlestown PoliceDepartment on a Civilian Complaint Form. These forms can be obtained at thefollowing locations:
    a.The communications center located in the lobby of the Charlestown PoliceDepartment at 4901 Old Post Road, Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813.
    b.The Office of the Town Clerk, located at Charlestown Town Hall at 4540South County Trail, Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813.
    c.The Charlestown Police Department Website under the Professional Standards tab at:
  7. Once you have obtained and completed the Civilian Complaint Form you mayreturn it to the Charlestown Police Department in person, by mail, or it can befaxed to the Office of the Chief of Police at (401) 213 - 6930.

Download Civilian Complaint Procedure

Download Civilian Complaint Form