Records Division

Police Secretary Laura Knudsen
Phone: (401) 213-6939

Request for Public Records Procedure

Request for Public Records Form

+ Accident Reports

Can be obtained at the station for $10.00 or online at the following link:

+ V.I.N. Vehicle Checks

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) checks

The Charlestown Police Department conducts Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) checks 24 hours a day at Police Headquarters for Charlestown residents only.

V.I.N. checks are required on out of state titles or registrations for all vehicles before they can be registered in RI.

Charge - $15.00 check or money order (no cash).
+ Backgrounds and Fingerprints

The Charlestown Police Department conducts criminal background checks for Charlestown Residents (by appointment only) for the following:


  • Adoption - $40 fee pursuant to RIGL 15-7-11
  • Foster Parents * NO FEE* purusant to RIGL 14-1-34
  • Day care workers $40 pursuant to RIGL 40-13.2-5.2

Public/Private schools $40 pursuant to RIGL 16-2-18.1 MUST HAVE CONDITIONAL OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT 2ND AND 3RD PARTY contractors for school departments must now be fingerprinted.

  • Massage License $40 pursuant to RIGL 23-20.8-3
  • Medical Marijuana Caregiver $40 pursuant to RIGL 21-28.6-14
  • Mental Health Facilities NO FEE pursuant to RIGL40.1-25.1-3
  • Firearm Carry permit (State or local) NO FEE

Effective 10/1/2014 - ALL employees of Healthcare. Nursing facilities and adult day care must report to the Attorney Generals Office for Nationwide background checks.


School Volunteers - $5 fee for Statewide BCI check MUST HAVE FORM FROM SCHOOL

Please contact 401-213-6939 to schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions on the above.

*All requests must be paid by Check or Money Order Only, NO Cash.

Further information can be found at the Rhode Island Attorney Generals website below

R.I. Attorney General