Records Division

Police Secretary Laura Knudsen
Phone: (401) 213-6939

Request for Public Records Procedure

Request for Public Records Form

+ Accident Reports

Can be obtained at the station for $10.00 or online at the following link:

+ V.I.N. Vehicle Checks

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) checks

The Charlestown Police Department conducts Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) checks 24 hours a day at Police Headquarters for Charlestown residents only.

V.I.N. checks are required on out of state titles or registrations for vehicles 2001 or newer before they can be registered in RI.

Charge - $15.00 check or money order (no cash).
+ Backgrounds and Fingerprints

The Charlestown Police Department conducts criminal background checks for Charlestown Residents (by appointment only) for the following:


  • Adoption - $40 fee pursuant to RIGL 15-7-11
  • Foster Parents * NO FEE* purusant to RIGL 14-1-34
  • Day care workers $40 pursuant to RIGL 40-13.2-5.2

Public/Private schools $40 pursuant to RIGL 16-2-18.1 MUST HAVE CONDITIONAL OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT 2ND AND 3RD PARTY contractors for school departments must now be fingerprinted.

  • Massage License $40 pursuant to RIGL 23-20.8-3
  • Medical Marijuana Caregiver $40 pursuant to RIGL 21-28.6-14
  • Mental Health Facilities NO FEE pursuant to RIGL40.1-25.1-3
  • Firearm Carry permit (State or local) NO FEE

Effective 10/1/2014 - ALL employees of Healthcare. Nursing facilities and adult day care must report to the Attorney Generals Office for Nationwide background checks.


School Volunteers - $5 fee for Statewide BCI check MUST HAVE FORM FROM SCHOOL

Please contact 401-213-6939 to schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions on the above.

*All requests must be paid by Check or Money Order Only, NO Cash.

Further information can be found at the Rhode Island Attorney Generals website below

R.I. Attorney General