2019 Fireworks Information

The Charlestown Police Department would like to take this opportunity to educate our residents, visitors and renters on the subject of possession and use of illegal fireworks in the state of Rhode Island. In Rhode Island, all aerial, projectile, detonation and "bang" style fireworks are considered illegal and the possession and/or use of these types of fireworks subject those individuals to criminal arrest and prosecution. These specific types of fireworks are prohibited due to the heightened danger of personal injury, fire and noise disruption they pose to the community.

In recent years the Town of Charlestown has experienced an increase in fireworks related complaints town-wide. Many of these complaints represent the unlawful possession and use of aerial and detonation type fireworks. In 2019, the Charlestown Police Department will be initiating a proactive media and enforcement campaign directed at reducing the use of illegal fireworks in town. Residents can expect that complaints of unlawful fireworks possession and/or use will be aggressively investigated and prosecuted accordingly. Illegal fireworks will be seized and turned over to the State Fire Marshall's Office to be used as evidence for criminal prosecution.

Please take the opportunity to educate yourself and your neighbors on the topic of illegal fireworks by reviewing the related hyperlinks. In the event a person or organization wishes to hold a sanctioned firework event in Rhode Island, the proper permits must be obtained in advance by contacting your local fire chief and/or the Rhode Island State Fire Marshall Office.

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