Chief Jeffrey S. Allen

    On behalf of the men and women of the Charlestown Police Department I welcome you to our department’s home web page.  As the new chief of police, I am very proud and humbled to have the opportunity to follow the lead of all the former outstanding chiefs and members of this great police department.  I am equally proud to be able to serve as the Chief of Police in my hometown, a town which I love and have chosen to raise my family over the past twenty years.


     For over 26 years I have enjoyed a fulfilling career as a police officer and police administrator for the Town of South Kingstown.  During my tenure with the Town, I have had the opportunity to work in just about every aspect of policing and have done so with a high level of service and professionalism.  I have always worked with the belief that police officers should constantly strive to serve the greater good versus that of individual interests and I promise the citizenry of Charlestown that I will continue with this same work ethic and philosophy.  

     My vision for the Charlestown Police Department is to continue to be a proactive police department that engages with all community members to best serve their needs by using all of law enforcements’ best practices with an emphasis on the Community Policing Model.

     The collective mission of every member of this agency is to always strive to equally serve and protect our citizens in order to maintain a high quality of life for all residents and those who visit our beautiful community.

     I welcome any community member who wishes to meet with me, my staff, or would like to visit our facility to contact me via email or call.     



Chief Jeffrey S. Allen